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Hi, I'm Diane Minnifield

Diane Turner Minnifield

received her J.D. degree from the University of Louisville, Brandeis School of Law in 1986. She worked with low-income clients in many areas of civil practice for Central Kentucky Legal Services before going to the Fayette County Attorney’s Office in 1992. Diane has previously served as a hearing examiner for the Lexington Fayette Human Rights Commission. Diane is currently a prosecutor in the Dependency, Neglect and Abuse court although she has prosecuted in every area of the office, beginning her career in adult criminal, moving on to juvenile and child support. Diane has always strived to ensure the citizens of Fayette County were able to live, grow and thrive in a safe and nurturing community.

Diane dedicated her career to making a positive difference in the lives of the children and families of the Commonwealth.

She served on numerous committees and with community partners to further that goal.  She works closely with Fayette County Public Schools to prevent truancy as one of her core beliefs is the power of education. She is active on the CASA Board and previously served on the Central Kentucky Riding for Hope.  She was a member of Mayor Gordon’s Commission for Racial Justice and Equality.

Diane is committed to justice, equality, integrity, and compassion.

With a background in juvenile court, she has helped confront and combat issues such as domestic violence, gun violence, the war on drugs, and untreated mental illness.  She has seen first hand the benefits of having diversity in the courtroom brings to all that enter, either as a party, advocate or observer.

Diane is the wife of Frank Minnifield and mother of two adult children, Chase and Chanel. 

She is active in her church and she has spent countless hours on football/soccer fields and gymnastics/equestrian shows but now she turns her full attention to the citizens of the Commonwealth as she seeks to serve on the Circuit Court bench.  She is committed to the hard work that is essential and girded for the battle to ensure our judicial construct of justice is fair, blind, efficient, competent and transparent.

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Equality Meets Opportunity



  • 30 plus years advocating for justice, fairness and equality for the marginalized, overlooked and depreciated of our community.


  • Active in Innovative Courts and programs such as Drug Court, Truancy Court, Juvenile Treatment Court, Mediation Center and Detention Alternative Programs that have been found to save lives and save money.
  • 30 plus years fighting against racism, systematic and implicit bias from within the establishment.


  • A lifelong prosecutor and supporter of good and professional policing.  Trained various law enforcement agencies on juvenile law and court procedures.
  • Trained and supported Social Workers in their encounters with at-risk kids and broken families in our community.


  • Served on the CASA Board, past present of the John Rowe chapter of the National Bar Association, interviewer for the KY Bar Examiners Character and Fitness Committee, Served on The Lexington School Board of Trustee and Diversity committee. 


  • Participated in Fayette County Public Schools Mentoring programs. 
  • Advisor to the Minnifield Family 501(c)(3) Foundation that was founded by my children as a way to give back to the youth of our community.


  • Presented at Continued Legal Education trainings for fellow members of the Kentucky Bar.
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